What we do

The ultimate goal of SportsGrid is to improve the sporting industry, and provide a framework for its members around technology, communication, education, and to bind those together.

The overall landscape in which SportsGrid sits is one of sport, technology, people, and education. All of these areas are a fundamental part of the management of sport in Australia, and SportsGrid aims to be the underlying infrastructure that powers the industry.

The name 'SportsGrid' represents the underpinning foundation of the sporting landscape that we provide. You can think of us as the ‘energy grid’, or ‘water grid’ underneath a city. These grids are necessary for a city to be developed, and it would not be possible to operate a city without one.

We also make it possible for sports to build their own buildings in this city too, by empowering them and giving them opportunities to connect to the underlying infrastructure. And, no matter how sport shifts and grows, we provide the framework necessary to allow the industry to evolve.

We concentrate our efforts in four main areas: